Use of diesel exhaust fluid has increased exponentially as businesses have resorted to take advantage of the product’s benefits. Whereas DEF used to be hand-delivered in containers that held a few gallons, currently the latest innovations call for delivery and storage tank systems that translate into improved logistics and financial expenditures. Both mini-bulk and full-bulk storage units are built either inside or outside habitation, easily accommodating extreme temperatures—from coldest winter to hottest summer. Nationwide, ACE’s storage tanks hold fuel from 500 gallons to 15,000 gallons, making it possible for customers to change the way they purchase and manage DEF products. The company is fully aligned with the guidelines of American Petroleum Institute (API), making ACE compliant to all aspects of the fuel industry and in a position to counsel clients to be compliant likewise. Our company offers API Certified DEF packaging options:

• Containers (1 gallon and 2.5 gallons)

• Drums (275 and 330 gallon totes)

• Bulk quantities

• All diesel exhaust fluid equipment (pumps, nozzles, hoses, etc.)

• Commercial and retail bulk DEF storage tanks and systems


Exemplary Fuel Service

  • Live support 24/7/365
  • Dispatch safest-in-class drivers

Smarter Fuel Usage

  • Managed fuel services using cloud-based technology

Fuel Supply

  • Fuel supply terminals nationwide

Fuel Delivery

  • FTL and LTL direct fuel distribution services

Fuel Automation Stations

  • 28 hose plug-and-play automated fueling solutions

Fuel Assurance

  • Guaranteed contracted fuel and priority delivery