Fuel Management

The ACE Petroleum RioS fuel management software technology quickly installs on any size bulk fuel tank to track, control, and secure every gallon of fuel pumped into a fleet of trucks and equipment.  Cloud-based fuel management software optimizes our ability to monitor customer inventory with control over quantities and times drivers fuel, have instant access to transaction history, and run intuitive custom reports.  All these operations can be done at a fraction of what clients would pay for traditional fuel management system.

Top Features of Fuel Management System

  • Simple to use software
  • Quick install on bulk fuel tank
  • Works with any size bulk fuel tank
  • Tracks fuel usage
  • Controls fuel usage
  • Secures fuel usage
  • Cloud-based software to monitor inventory
  • Instant access to transaction history and reporting
  • Fraction of cost for traditional fuel management system

Remote Tank Monitors

ACE Petroleum takes the worry out of customers’ fuel order process by providing them with wireless tank technology.  A secure website ensures tank information that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.  Clients can monitor fuel usage and delivery via our online customer portal that provides custom reports and dashboard capabilities.
Our keep-fill fuel supply program identifies pattern changes regarding petroleum usage.  This feature allows ACE to provide fuel, as needed, before customer operation is affected negatively.  The digital technology improves our operation and service to customers, thus eliminating fuel deficiency and the need for emergency deliveries.


Exemplary Fuel Service

  • Live support 24/7/365
  • Dispatch safest-in-class drivers

Smarter Fuel Usage

  • Managed fuel services using cloud-based technology

Fuel Supply

  • Fuel supply terminals nationwide

Fuel Delivery

  • FTL and LTL direct fuel distribution services

Fuel Automation Stations

  • 28 hose plug-and-play automated fueling solutions

Fuel Assurance

  • Guaranteed contracted fuel and priority delivery